Thursday, 26 July 2018

Ofcom plans to protect consumer from "bill shock"

Latest Ofcom update regarding premium rate numbers.

People can end up using costly premium-rate ICSS, sometimes inadvertently, after going online to find the contact details of a particular company. But in most cases, organisations offer free, or cheaper, local call-rate numbers through which to contact them directly.
At present, most ICSS which use ‘087’ and ‘09’ numbers are regulated by the Phone-paid Service Authority (PSA). Over the last year, however, we have become concerned about consumer harm arising from ICSS operating on the ‘084’ number range. These do not currently fall under the PSA’s remit.
To address this, we are proposing to place regulatory responsibility for all ICSS with the PSA, irrespective of their number range or price.
We are inviting views on our findings and our proposal by 21 September 2018."

A move in the right direction we feel.

The Merlin Team


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