Monday, 2 July 2018

4 Things to think about before choosing your telephone headset

Ok, so the big decision has been made to buy a telephone headset. 

So just a few considerations before you get going:-

1.  Do you need monaural or binaural? 

If you are working in a noisy environment, it may be far better to have both of your ears in tune with the call, so choose a binaural headset.  However, if you also need to be aware of what is going on around you and possibly interact with your colleagues whilst wearing the headset, then go for a monaural set.

2.  Do you need a wireless or wired headset?

In our previous blog, we spoke about the massive benefits a wireless headset provides.  You obviously have greater mobility and you can move away from your desk to get access to files and papers and speak to colleagues if necessary, whilst on the call.  You can also pick up calls whilst you are away from your handset, which will cut down on missed calls.  Also you can stretch your legs whilst chatting to avoid sitting down for hours at a time.  Wireless headsets have a good battery life and ranges of up to 60 - 80 feet. 

However if you are predominantly desk bound and taking call after call and need to have access to your computer for making up notes then a wired headset is probably the better and cheaper option.

3.  What sort of style do I like?

You can chose from a headband over the head, over your ear or a band behind the head, the choice is yours!  Most headsets come with a headband and earpiece so you can try them out to see what is the most comfortable.

4.  Do you work in a noisy workplace?

I'm sure we've all made that call where you can hardly hear the person you are speaking too because the background noise is so high!  Call centres are notorious and often you can distinguish what the background  voices are saying!  Not great for data protection.  So a "noise cancelling" headset may be your best bet.

Well, just a few pointers to help you decide what type and style to go for.  

The Merlin Team

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