Friday, 22 June 2018

Call Me Now! Creating Conversation

Just read a really thought provoking article by Allen Gannett following an experiment he conducted a while ago.

Basically he wanted to test whether actually picking up the phone and speaking to someone was better than blatting out a text or email.

The results are not surprising.

How many times have you read and re-read a text and decided it was unfriendly or aggresive even, when in actual fact, having had a conversation with the sender, it was simply you misenterpreting the language because there was no "tone" of voice?

With a laden inbox of emails, it's become an art form just managing them and keeping abreast of what is important and oh, so easy to miss that vital message.

Sure, you need certain information in writing, but Allen proved actually picking up the phone to colleagues and customers was far more productive and led to better relationships with people on the whole.

As a telecommunications company,  we certainly uphold vocal communications - so just pick the phone up to boost productivity and express yourself!

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