Thursday, 21 June 2018

Another Cyber Attack! Dixons Carphone plc - 5.9m credit card details lost!!

You would have thought  that following a major data breach in 2015 and being fined a massive £400,000 by the ICO, Dixons Carphone plc would have learnt their lesson.

But no.  Another cyber-attack involving 5.9 million credit card records  and 1.2 million customer records lost.

The loss of data would appear to be even greater on this occasion, so pretty sure the ICO will throw the book at them this time.

Previous issues discovered:-

  • No antivirus software on their servers
  • They all shared the same administrator password - known to 30-40 staff
  • The websites (running on WordPress) had not been patched for some 6 years and
  • No Web Application Firewall (WAF) installed.
  • Encryption keys for the databases were stored in plaintext!
So let this be a salutory lesson to everyone  - make sure all your systems are up to date and get yourselves some really good antivirus across all devices in your company.

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