Monday, 16 January 2017

New Year - Switch and make those savings!

Just thought we would share and reiterate the musings in MoneyWeek last week - 13.1.17

MoneyWeek, The UK’s best-selling financial magazine

If you are using one of the UK's dominant suppliers i.e.  BT, Sky, Virgin etc for your business telecoms, you can undoubtedly make savings by switching to a smaller telecoms provider.

In a report almost a third of small firms surveyed complained that the large providers offer poor service and only 42% happy with their provider!  By contrast, those with smaller telecom companies show 55% are happy with their service.

Smaller companies (such as Merlin) undercut the big companies and generallly, really do offer far better customer service levels.

Some words of warning and pointers for you:-
  •  If you are entertaining a switch over, get your itemised bills audited and compare like for like.  
  • Don't get tied into packages (the only winner is the telecoms company!) 
  • Ask the new company if they are totally independent or are selling telecom products on a telecoms platform that the big boys use.  
  • Also ensure that the handsets you are sold (you can of course buy your own) are not locked down by the new provider and that you can take them with you if you wish to switch again, to get a better deal.  
  • Don't get tied into lengthy contracts either.  If you are not happy with your customer service or can get a better deal then you do need the flexibility to move when you want.

Telecoms are an important element to your business and you need great service when faults crop up, so why put up with bad service? 

You don't need to be tied to the same  provider for long periods of time or think there aren't better alternatives out there. 

We analyse phone bills constantly and are generally horrified by the tariffs we see from the larger telecoms companies.

So, take some time to shop around and get yourself some savings and better service to boot.

The Merlin Team