Wednesday, 7 September 2016

5 reasons why high quality network cabling is so important

Network cabling and it's installation is critical to the operation of every business.

Well, every business that has a computer system connecting to the internet, to one or more private intranets and to other peripherals such as a telephone system, printers, scanners etc.

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It’s imperative that the wiring used for connectivity is of the highest quality and it meets current standards.

Upgrading your wiring really is an intelligent move in order to futureproof your business.   It’s also important that you choose a network cabling provider who really knows what they are doing.

  1. Reliability

Can you imagine if your systems failed one day?  Most companies totally rely on their internet, intranet or extranet, so no system means your business crashes and your customers won’t thank you for that!  We don’t need to spell it out, but any disruption is going to cost you.

  1. Cost

Yes, it will cost you to ensure your network is the most reliable it can be.  Don’t think you can cut corners by employing an electrician, you really do need an expert in this field.  Use a company with plenty of experience and great customer support.  Check their client portfolio and even ask for references.  Choose someone local to you, so they are on hand if you have problems.  Also check to ensure the engineers are accredited and can guarantee the work carried out.

  1. Crosstalk

This is the interference of an electrical signal from one wire or cable to another adjacent cable or wire.  Often the effect is manifested because of installing cheap cabling!  Crosstalk can cause many problems, including delay, slow network speeds and data errors.  

  1. Signal Attenuation

Quite simply, your signal can degrade or be lost over the distance of a lengthy cable, this is why buying the correct and best quality cable in the first place is so important.  

  1. Signal to Noise Ratio

If you have a poor SNR it can cause interference which can create network instability and speed issues.  You need the lowest ratio possible for the best quality network.  

So, if you value your business, we say do it once and do it right! 


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