Friday, 29 July 2016

Broadband outage! Do you have a back up plan?

The B.T broadband outages that occurred last week,  just highlighted a couple of points that we thought we would share with you.

Most of our clients use a hosted VoIP telephone system and when broadband was affected last week, some experienced no internet and/or poor call quality for a period of time.

The beauty of having a Merlin hosted phone system, meant that calls were quickly diverted to either a  mobile, another analogue line or another branch instantly, which gave our clients business continuity.

Clients that were affected at the time asked us what options existed to minimise the impact of such an occurrence in the future. 

We advised  that maybe it would be worth their while installing a second broadband  connection (using  an alternative carrier) so that if such a nationwide outage occurred again, they would have complete continuity for their business, as internet traffic or voice traffic could be routed to the unaffected connection.

If your business cannot function without the internet, then just imagine and quantify the monetary loss you might experience if you were down for a day. For example, staff sitting around with nothing to do, deadlines to
meet, possibility of payroll to run, end of month to deal with and missing new business opportunities.  As you can see, the cost of installing another line and broadband and the annual rental could easily be justified in a one day outage.   Added to which is the ongoing benefit of being able to use one connection for internet traffic and one for voice traffic which will give you improved performance in the long run.

To future proof  your business from the vagaries of  outages, then consider fitting another connection  for total business continuity when disaster strikes.

The Merlin Team

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