Thursday, 21 April 2016

Do you know the hidden cost of missed calls into your business?

Some 18 months ago, BT Business commissioned research that revealed customers will only try to call a company twice without getting through, before taking their business elsewhere.

The estimated cost of missing one customer call is about £1,200.  In essence, they calculated that UK's small and medium sized businesses could actually be losing out, by an approximate cost, of a staggering £90m, simply by not answering the phone!!

Now we don't know how BT have carried out their research or produced their figures, but analysing some of our clients call reporting when they first join us, certainly highlights some shocking results.

Call reporting is a truly remarkable tool. 

 Drilling into easy to find, data on your system can highlight problem areas on how your phones are answered.  Checking your data means that you can sharpen call answering with a few clever adjustments to your call flows and queues, meaning you can soon increase the amount of calls you capture.  Some of our clients report vastly improved call answering percentages.

Not only will the call reporting data show missed calls.  It will give you a comprehensive call history  for inbound and outbound calls, so you can monitor staff performance.  You can also check response times as to how quickly a call was answered and of course, use historial data to track productivity.  If you want to monitor your marketing, then simply set up different phone numbers for each campaign and review your response rates.

Sometimes the uplift in answered calls actually means having to employ more staff as your company gets busier!  At the very least, you should be able to see exactly when your busy times are so you can maximise the productivity of your staff. 

So, our question to you is:-

"do you actually know exactly how much business you are losing because of missed calls?"

The Merlin Team

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