Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Could your business grind to a halt soon?

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We all take it for granted; switching on the computer and picking up the phone, that the connections will be made and we’ll be able to use the relevant equipment.

When was the last time that you thought about your cabling and how it affects your business infrastructure?

Business data cabling is a highly specialist area, which these days keeps your company open for trade and your communication lines constantly accessible for contact.
Carrying data through a cable network is very different to carrying electricity. An electrician is concerned that there is voltage to the line and there is a passage of current, but it's completely different for a data network installer who checks to ensure that the cabling links can provide the desired and necessary transmission to support the data communication required by the user.

Data network cabling is best tested with a “Fluke Tester” which establishes that the performance is up to scratch and will give continuous, high integrity performance for your business, transmitting data and keeping the inbound and outbound flow consistent at all times.

Reliance on data is constantly increasing, so ask yourself, "is your infrastructure robust enough to carry you forward reliably?"

Having the right cabling means that your data can be transferred up to 1000x times faster - which obviously makes a huge impact on efficiency and user experience. 

If you are suffering data packet loss on your network or your computer is running slowly and often "drops out" then it may not be anything to do with your broadband speed and could well be a cabling issue.

Don't neglect your data infrastructure. It's the basis of your business, so get it tested and future proof yourself and premises now. Your business relies on it!

The Merlin Team


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