Thursday, 3 December 2015

Would you rather work from home this Christmas?

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Hoorah, a well earned Christmas break is nearly here!

Well, a break for some that is. Of course, not everyone has the luxury of being able to take the whole week off in between Christmas and New Year and business needs to keep rolling. 

So, if you have to work over the Christmas period and really don't need a physical presence in the office, why not work from home? Sit in your comfy jim-jams; mince pies and "Quality Street" to hand and forget about the expense of travelling and traffic for a few days! 

Joking aside, there are now over 4 million people in the UK working from home, according to the Office of National Statistics and this accounts for 13.9% of the workforce.

Saving money on expensive offices and time on commuting really adds up. Everyone wants a better lifestyle with more balance and more precious time000 so, it really does make perfect sense. 

Telephone technology today allows you to take your office where ever you want. As long as you have a broadband connection and an IP (internet protocol) handset, you can present yourself as being in "the office" whether at home or on holiday. Your phone will be part of the office network and you simply log in your details. The phone remembers all your settings and preferences so the caller has no idea where you are working from!

If you just want to work at home for a couple of days a week, you could have your system set up so it rings in the office and at home at the same time, you just answer it from whichever location you are at. You could also have all calls easily diverted to your mobile for the day. The beauty of this is, that calls will be free between your mobile and all the other extensions in the office, even if your offices are spread across numerous sites.

Conversely, if you have to roam around from office to office to fill in for others, you simply log into your colleagues phone with your details and that phone then instantly becomes your extension. Magic!

Another practical way of making calls from home or alternative location would be to download a softphone for your smartphone, computer or tablet. The software acts just like a phone interface on your device and mimics your extension. So no need to drag a phone around with you! Headset and microphone in place and off you go. Again, calls within your network are free. 

It's plain to see, that changing to a hosted or VoIP telephone system makes for incredible flexible working. A better way of life even - just don't eat too many mince pies!!

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Tina Bricknell for The Merlin Team

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