Monday, 21 December 2015

Get your business phone ready for Christmas - Read our checklist

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Cards written, presents wrapped, secret Santa stashed under the tree, what next?

Have you thought about how your clients will reach you over the Christmas period?

We have put together a quick guide, so you can give this a little thought before the holiday begins.

Pretty sure you will have worked out exactly what your opening hours are and either you will close completely or perhaps have a skeleton staff working.   Perhaps some of  your staff  could work from home - they simply need to unplug their Voip phone and plug it in at home and off they go.

 Just need to make sure all your customers are aware of what is going on.  Pop the details on compliment slips and headed paper.  You could change your "on hold message" to relay your opening hours in advance of the break.  You could change your "on hold" music and have some festive carols or tunes playing, to get everyone in the spirit! (just remember you need a licence from the PRS, if it's not royalty free). 

You should look at your call routing; the ring groups and hunt groups as you may only have half your usual staff in. So, you don't want the phone ringing in empty rooms!  Make sure you notify your provider in plenty of time to make the changes you need. 

Have you recorded a suitable message regarding your Christmas hours to be uploaded to your system which will tell all your clients your opening hours and who to ring in an emergency?  Make sure these are activated when you leave for your Christmas break.

Have you got voicemail to e-mail service?  Brilliant function, so you never miss a call and can pick these up without being in the office. Please also don't forget to make sure your voicemail boxes have been emptied to make room for all those new messages.

Lastly, have a relaxing break and a very Happy Christmas!

Tina Bricknell for
The Merlin Team

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