Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Blowing 7 Myths about VoIP out of the water

There are several myths that we hear time and time again from people who are not sure about hosted telephony.  
We hear a lot of “yeah, but what about……”  so we want to stamp out these myths now once and for all!

Here are the most common myths doing the rounds and this is exactly what we think about them!

Myth 1 - Call quality is not as good as a traditional phone system

By using reputable providers, people should experience a better quality of service and clarity than those provided by the older, traditional PBX.  

Over the years  VoIP has been given a bad name in certain areas, due to some providers putting in cheaper contended services and not using tier one carriers. Tier one carriers, such as Merlin, pass voice traffic using an 80Kbps codec.   Some providers will pass traffic as low as 16Kbps, this potentially causing inferior call quality.  

The quality of VoIP calls can also suffer because of other factors such as bandwidth availability, the number of calls in progress or your own internal network setup.

Your provider should ensure that you have sufficient bandwidth to handle the calls required and also have a good understanding of your business needs and set up, so that your calls are crystal clear.  

Myth 2 - VoIP is not secure

Many people perceive VoIP as unsecure because it relies on an internet connection instead of copper telephone wires.  

Well, the internet has been transferring secure information (which includes banking details etc) on a daily basis.  

Any telephone system  is hackable, yes even old analogue ones!  

You only have to think back to the hacking scandals involving well known newspapers.  Merlin limits access to their systems strictly to the devices connected.   We lock down connections to the fixed IP addresses (where available) and monitor live call patterns ensuring that if any client were to have their network hacked, any exposure to their phone system will be minimal.   You should ensure that your provider does the same.

Myth 3 - VoIP is unreliable

VoIP has been around for a few decades now and yes, in the early days call quality was not always the best.  However, technology advances have really eliminated these issues.  Over 95% of all new phone systems are now VoIP/SIP based services.

Myth 4 - VoIP is only for the largest companies

VoIP is not just a sophisticated system for large enterprises.  As VoIP is so versatile and scalable it makes it a very powerful option for even the tiniest of companies.  Low start up costs and having the ability to add extensions and services effortlessly to your system as needed, makes this a very attractive solution for any size business.

Myth 5 - VoIP is hard to install

Well really nothing could be easier.  All you need is a broadband connection and an IP telephone, plug it in and off you go.

Your provider should always configure your phones and router for you beforehand (make sure you check to see whether they charge an additional fee) and this means there is minimal disruption.  It really is that easy!

Myth 6 - VoIP won’t save me money

Well quite the opposite, there are many savings to be made:-

  • No PBX in your office to install or maintain
  • Cheaper call costs
  • No additional fees for adding or moving phone lines
  • Free support on the system
  • Free upgrades as they become available

And best still, less missed calls due to the outstanding functionality of the system, giving you more flexibility and capacity to answer more calls and therefore, boost your profit margins.
Myth 7 - VoIP technology is too new

VoIP technology has actually been around since the 90’s.  Stop to think how far mobile phone technology has come since the “brick” you clamped to your ear, to the sleek, multi function item it has become now.  Well, the same goes for VoIP.  Uptake percentages are now far outstripping sales of traditional phone systems. The prediction is that VoIP systems are here to stay and therefore ISDN lines  will eventually be phased out just like video tape!

So hopefully we have knocked these myths on the head for you.

In fact, investing in VoIP is the smartest thing you can do now to future proof your business and avoid being strung up by outdated and costly technology.  

The Merlin Team

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