Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Is your router reliable and as secure as it could be?

A recent article by Chris Baranuik brought home the seriousness of flaws in routers and we reiterate what you should do to ensure your security is up to date.

We cannot stress the importance of this piece of equipment within your business.

Your router is your window to the world, so it makes perfect sense that you buy a really good quality business grade router in the first place and don’t skimp with your money buying a cheap home grade product. They simply do not cut it when running a business.   You spend money on an expensive i-phone for your business? Well, if you are prepared to spend this sort of money on a phone, then do the same for your router. Your business is worth it don’t you think?  Our mantra is “you get what you pay for”, as with most things in life.

It is also essential that the firmware is upgraded on a regular basis, which means you set regular monthly updates in your diary so this is not missed.  This way any exploits by hackers or faults that are found, are remedied with the upgrade so diminishes the risks of being hacked.  The upgrades are down to you, they cannot be done automatically for you!

Just remember if anyone does get into your router, they can alter settings, track exactly what you are looking at and direct traffic to malicious sites.  Not a pleasant thought.  

And while we are on the subject of routers for business, (especially if you have a hosted phone system) also consider keeping a spare router on your office shelf.  If your router fails, just stop to consider the cost to your business whilst you source a replacement.  Take into account the lost custom and lost man hours, if there are no phones or internet. With a spare, you can be back up and running within minutes, not a day or so.

Your business is your lifeline, after all, so look after it!

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