Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Well, just who do I complain too?

We are a nation of complainers.  There, a bold statement.  

So what really gets your goat when it comes to telephones?

Plenty -
  • bad customer service
  • mis-selling/slamming for fixed lines and mobile telephone services
  • early termination fees
  • abandoned and silent calls
  • unwanted marketing calls - to name a few

Well, Ofcom or Office of Communications (Government approved regulatory and competition authority for telecommunications and broadcasting) have published a report which makes interesting reading.  

We all complain about telecom providers, but do we actually do anything about it?  It appears we do, but perhaps not nearly enough.  

This report is great as it also includes links and telephone numbers to the appropriate and relevant bodies to whom you can complain.  

So, the next time you get a call asking if you’ve had a recent car accident or some one tries to convince you to make a claim for PPI,or you receive totally shoddy customer service, then just complain to the relevant body.  If you don’t complain, then appropriate action won’t be taken.

Interesting to see that the level of customer complaints to the Telephone Preference Service have dropped since June 2014.  Now, is this because we are not complaining, or have less to complain about?!!  

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