Monday, 17 August 2015

You want privacy? Grab yourself a VPN connection

Do you ever wonder who is checking to see exactly what you are surfing on the net?

Have you ever thought about your privacy when logging on to public Wi-Fi or free internet facilities in your hotel?

Well, maybe you should give your privacy a second thought and create a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Encrypting your connection is simply a very smart and easy thing to do.  

A VPN will encrypt your e-mail, streaming, browser and also file sharing requests, so that your identity remains invisible. If privacy and security are of paramount importance to you then spending a few pounds a month with a reputable and reliable VPN provider is the way forward.

There are many reasons why you might want to put a "cloak" around your activity and make sure that you cannot be found or heard by others.

  • You might be travelling abroad and wish to gain access to your favorite streaming TV programmes etc. By using a VPN tunnel connection, you can force your connection to access the UK in so it looks as though you are actually in the UK.
  • You want to use hotel or public Wi-Fi, which offers no security whatsoever.  It is very easy for anyone to gain control of your connection.  You definitely need to encrypt your connection making your online activity illegible to an eavesdropper, so that all your data and passwords are safe.
  • There may be “acceptable use” policies in place in your workplace or school and there are many countries that control internet use with censorship, so being able to tunnel out of the restrictions may be useful to you.  
  • If you really don’t want every web page monitored and stored by Google or any other search engine then use a VPN to “cloak” your computer’s IP address.
  • You might simply take the view that whatever you do on the internet is your business and you really don’t want to be monitored by anyone, including any Government!  

You must be aware that  embracing the benefits of a VPN will undoubtedly slow up your connection speeds, sometimes by up to 50%, but we are sure you will agree it is worth it. 

The Merlin Team

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