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Would you love the benefits of Hot Desking? Read on!

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Believe it or not, the term “hot-desking” comes from the nautical practice of “hot bunking” where a sailor would come off duty and leap into the bunk of the sailor who was off to do his turn!  A great space saving solution, although perhaps not such a hygienic one!

We are seeing more and more change in the way office space is utilised.  Less office space and property means cheaper overheads and of course, working from home has never been more popular.
The concept of the traditional office set up i.e. one desk and computer per member of staff is now challenged, particularly in view of the amount of part time workers and those who travel from office to office as part of their role.  

Many companies have realised that to become more efficient and make cost savings, flexible working is essential.  Many jobs that have always needed to be “full time in the office” really do not have to be.  Think of “call centres”, where in fact, the staff are sitting in the comfort of their own home or the outsourcing of typing to India or other locations.

One key ingredient for making desk sharing work is to utilise VoIP telephony.

VoIP telephony gives users the ability to log into any phone at any location on the system and associate their account, telephone number, features and settings populated to that device.  Very neat if you travel from office to office to work, or indeed if you are re-locating for a period of time to carry out holiday cover.  A mobile worker can make and receive calls and voicemails and manage all of their features from a temporary device.  Unlike using Call Forwarding or Follow Me, which only redirects calls to a user, using VoIP means that you take complete control of another phone.  All the users settings apply to that phone until they log off or disassociate with it.  

So, the benefits of “hot desking” are:-

  • Reduction of office space costs by increasing shared employee work space or working from home
  • Reduced mobile call charges
  • Improve productivity for remote and mobile workers that frequently travel to other office locations.
  • More efficient call handling, leading to productivity savings.

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Tina Bricknell for The Merlin Team

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