Friday, 12 December 2014

Two Factor Authentication

We take security issues very seriously at Merlin and always ready to pass on helpful articles and information so that you keep up to date and informed.

We particularly applaud the article written by John Shief for Naked Security on the subject of Two Factor Authentication (2FA) as it covers the basics of; one time passwords via SMS, authenticator apps, login verification and true two factor verification.  Not only does the article explain how each system works, but gives the pros and cons of using them.

As a google apps user myself, if I need to access my e-mails via another computer, I am asked for my user name and password and once I OK this, Google ask for my verification code.  At this point, I receive an SMS message from Google with a 6 digit code and I'm there.  Easy and secure.

Clearly no system is infalible, but this does add an extra layer of protection.


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