Thursday, 18 December 2014

Nuisance Calls - Aaaarrrrh!!!

Did you know that around 85% of the population receive nuisance calls and yet only a fifth of us actually do anything about it?

Furthermore and very worrying is that a staggering 40% of calls received by the elderly are nuisance calls. 

The Government's Nuisance Calls Task Force was formed following a petition by "Which"  and is infact chaired by their Executive Director Richard Lloyd. They will be reviewing the way businesses obtain and use consumers' consent to be contacted by phone and text for direct marketing.

As reported by Rob Goodman in "Moneywise" the taskforce is recommending that businesses improve their direct marketing practises and make it easier for people to stop companies from pestering them.  Senior Executives will be held to account for the way their company behaves in this direction.  Fines have already been increased (now up to £500,000) and  hopefully it will become easier for the Information Commissioner to take action against companies who break the law.

By following the link below you can report a call or text where:-
  • You received a call where a person spoke to you
  • You received a silent or abandoned call
  • You received a recorded marketing message
  • You received an SMS text message or text alert

From the link below there are further informative articles on how to deal with cold callers:-

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