Thursday, 27 November 2014

Phone Scam Warning!!!

Lincolnshire Police are advising that "070" numbers have featured in more than 2,600 frauds over the last year. This was highlighted in an article by Grantham Journal this week.

If you are presented with a "070" number to dial, please to aware this could well be a scam. 

The fraudsters employ several devious methods to scam their victims:-
  • Placing an advert for a job on an online shopping or auction site.  The victim will phone for more details and invariably end up giving them all their personal details.  
  • A message is sent to the victim's phone.  The victim then calls back and is connected to a premium rate number
  • The victim is selling goods on a shopping website and fraudster sends fake Paypal emails requesting a shipping fee to be paid via Western Union before payment can be sent to the victim.  The fraudster provides a "070" number causing further charges if they try and contact the fraudster.  These personal numbers are programmed to forward calls to VoIP numbers as the offenders are often based overseas.
Please be aware that such calls can be charged at up to 65p per minute and £1.50 per minute from mobiles. 

There have been cases where victims have received bills for thousands of pounds as a result of calling these numbers. 

If you feel you have been scammed - then report it immediately to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 2040 or check out

To read the full story in the Grantham  Journal

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