Wednesday, 27 August 2014

BT to increase phone bills - another reason to change your phone provider?

BT made a shocking announcement over the weekend that they will be increasing phone bills by 6.5%  from December this year with broadband prices increasing by up to 6.49%. 

This means that line rental for direct debit customers will be £16.99 per month and the rate for calling UK landlines will increase by 6.44%. A massive increase over the current rate of inflation at 1.6%.

BT are however ensuring that less well off customers are not affected by leaving BT basic at £5.10 per month. 

Sky are also due to increase some of their tariffs from September this year.

There are plenty of providers out there who are NOT increasing their fees and who do not tie you into long contracts.  The best providers only work on a 30 day rolling contract, so you are free to move if their service is not up to scratch.

With this in mind we wanted to point out just how easy it is to move phone line and broadband to another provider, but first:-
  • Shop around before committing yourself
  • Ensure you are not trapped into a lengthy contract
  • Make sure you find a provider who has a great service record and are even personally recommended to you by another customer
  • Check to see if you will incur any penalties with your current provider for early termination
Then to shift your broad band-
  1. Ask your current provider for your MAC (migration access code) 
  2. Give this to your new provider
  3. The transfer should take approximately five days
  4. Sit back and enjoy the  savings!
To move your land line-

  1. Simply ask your new provider to move the line. You will need to give them your name, address and current telephone number.  You may be asked for a copy of your latest telephone bill
  2. This should take approximately 10 days.
  3. Sit back and enjoy the savings!

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