Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Quid Pro Quo They Don’t Tell You About

In our bid to keep you up to date with changes in the telecoms industry, we’re sharing with you an extract from a recent article in The Register.

At last more protection for UK mobile phone users. For years we’ve lamented the hypocrisy and sharp-practice in the industry over contacts and pricing, where consumers get caught up in the small print and then are at the mercy… Past “quid” savings have often meant “pro quo” hikes during contracts.

Well it’s now set to come to an end. Communications watchdog Ofcom has taken a stance on this to protect users who are locked into lengthy landline, broadband and mobile contracts and have created a system to provide greater protection.

The regulator said that it had improved protection for consumers after it discovered that many subscribers misunderstood locked-in contracts as being set at a fixed price. Ofcom said that "customers should be given at least one month's notice of the increase and be allowed to exit the contract without penalty."

Providers are expected to be more upfront about such price rises by adhering to a revised set of rules laid out by the watchdog in October last year.

Source: The Register

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