Thursday, 24 October 2013

UK risks falling behind in Cloud adoption, report reveals

We like to bring you topics which may interest regarding the progress a and change of telecoms technology and the impact on business. A recent Computer Weekly article is summarised below about the UK’s challenges in embracing Cloud IT and Telephony:

Despite the trend towards Cloud IT and telephony, adoption is much slower than UK businesses would like, data protection, legislation and regulation are all cited as primary issue preventing growth according to research by security and risk firm WideAngle, NTT Com Security (formerly Integralis).

Almost a third of UK respondents said these issues have “significantly” slowed adoption and 29% say they have affected it “to some extent”.

Financial services (36%), petrochemicals (39%) and healthcare (27%) organisations are most affected by legislation and compliance issues, citing them as the primary reason for slow cloud take-up.

The global study polled decision-makers in 700 organisations across the UK, North America, Germany, Scandinavia, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong.

While 36% of UK companies have adopted cloud in the past 12 to 24 months, 22% have yet to adopt it, compared with an average of 14% globally.

“With increasingly complex data laws in the UK, it is become something of a minefield for businesses looking to become more agile and efficient using cloud, but perhaps feeling they are being held back.”

This is exacerbated by the fact that businesses in the UK typically have a much more conservative approach to cloud adoption than other countries, said Tom Salkield, director UK professional services at WideAngle.

“Businesses in the UK risk lagging behind because they are not exploiting the opportunity and potential of cloud computing to the full,” Salkield told Computer Weekly.

The study shows that UK companies using cloud services see significant business advantage in business agility and cost savings, said Salkield.

According to the survey, 40% of UK respondents acknowledged an increase in revenue and 23% an increase in profits from cloud computing.

According to the study report, all organisations fit into five cloud “personas” defined by their levels of enthusiasm for cloud computing and the extent of their adoption.

Ranging from "Controllers" at one end of the scale, distinctive by their lack of cloud enthusiasm, the five personas also include "Accepters", "Experimenters", "Believers" and "Embracers" - the latter the most enthusiastic about cloud who have benefited most from its use.

“What's interesting is that it is possible to see attributes of these cloud personas identified in the report in different countries, although we defined them on a global level, with the UK falling into the 'Controller 'and 'Accepter' personas,” said Sidaway.

“Whatever stage countries are at, cloud is playing an increasingly important role as organisations seek to move into new territories and be more agile and competitive."

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