Monday, 22 July 2013

8 Reasons To Convert To VOIP – if you haven’t already

If you’re not already a convert, there’s some pretty compelling reasons why should consider VOIP:

1 - It’s Outrageously Affordable

The last thing you want to do is spend tens of thousands on a phone system. With Hosted VoIP, there are no large servers or systems to purchase. Other than the phones, there are no capital expenditures to depreciate over time, and low monthly communications service fees give you a hugely affordable solution that connects your business and employees to a host of capabilities that dramatically improve productivity.

2 - You Need Minimal IT Support

Unlike complex traditional phone systems that sit in a closet, Hosted VoIP requires very little IT support or training to administer. You can quickly add users, delete users, enable additional features––all without additional support or staff. The reason? A simple web interface. In fact, a Hosted VoIP solution is so simple, users can manage their own features right from their computers. It’s one management issue that can be taken off the shoulders of your IT or Office Manager.

3 - Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

While we don’t want to think the worst, consider a few scenarios: Your building is flooded. A fire knocks out power for miles around. Now, let’s assume you have Hosted VoIP. Want to know how things would be? Business would go on––uninterrupted. Since no physical box is required on your premises , customers can still connect with your business because employees can work from anywhere. The reason? A web-based portal that allows you to quickly forward calls to cell phones or other phones in unaffected locations. It’s an incredibly fast and easy way to take control of a disastrous situation and ensure that anything major becomes just a minor incident.

4 - Scaling Up Down?

It’s almost impossible to make accurate forecast predictions, which is why a highly-flexible technology like Hosted VoIP is just the ticket. Hosted VoIP gives you the peace of mind that comes from not being constrained by a phone system that only supports a fixed number of employees and can be costly and complicated to expand. If resources become squeezed, you can quickly scale back. On the other hand, if you open a new branch office, or need to provide remote communications, or just need to prepare for a spike in demand around the holidays, it’s quick and easy to scale up without any disruption to your business. Total flexibility.

5 - Enhanced Functionality

Even if you’re jaded about technology, once you see all of the advanced features and functionality that are available from a Hosted VoIP system, you can’t be anything but impressed by the impact it can have on your business. And the best part is you can activate only those features that you need to make your company more productive. It starts with HD voice, the clearest a business call can get. That’s just scratching the surface. Through Hosted VoIP, you can have voicemails automatically forwarded to your email; you can make a call from a cell phone or remote office and have it appear as a call from the main office. You also have the ability to integrate with Outlook or

Basically there isn’t much you can’t do with Hosted VoIP.

6 - Automatic Upgrades 

With Hosted VoIP, there’s no box on your premises, so there’s no hardware to upgrade in order to take advantage of new features and technologies. Because your service is outsourced, upgrades are provided through software changes that happen automatically in the background. Of course, you’ll be made aware of any new capabilities as they come on line. That way, you can quickly utilize them to support your employees and better service customers. So you can stay focused on your business and leave the upgrades to your Hosted VoIP service provider.

7 - Unified Communications

It’s hard to advance your business if it’s tied to old technology. Hosted VoIP is the best solution for workforces who demand constant connectivity and productivity from anywhere––and at any time. Whether attacking issues from a desk, a conference room, or powering through meetings on the road, Hosted VoIP gives you all the communication features you need on your computer, such as web meeting, internet fax, using your PC as your phone and more. These capabilities give you the powerful communications tools you need to keep things moving forward no matter where or when business is done.

8 - Focus on Your Business

One of the best ways to stay competitive is to focus on your core business. With a Hosted VoIP solution, the management of increasingly complex business communications is done for you off-site. It all happens in the background while you and your employees can use advanced features and productivity tools like voice, web meetings, and internet fax to take up new goals and take down obstacles that stand in their way.

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