Sunday, 2 June 2013

Skype and Business ; Why not…

For all we might love Skype for personal video conversations, connecting with friends and family in far flung places, however, it’s not the best video conferencing solution for business, for a host of reasons.

First of all, says Bin Guan, CTO of video managed services provider Yorktel, while Skype is a great tool used by millions of people, there are some serious security concerns with it. It has some encryption, but beyond that, there are issues. It may be recording in the background, and who is recording and who has access to this is difficult to control. We hear that hackers can break into a Skype account, which is a major concern. Plus, Skype can eat up corporate bandwidth and IT departments have little control over this. In fact, says Guan, control is the biggest issue.

Another issue is quality. From an enterprise perspective, “business quality” means high definition. We are used to having HDTVs at home, so we expect the same quality in our business applications.

Concerns have also been raised about Skype over spyware, system infection and security.

Make sure your business video conferencing is safe and secure – there are a wide variety of other products on the market, which ensure your business presents the best professional image with peace of mind of security.

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