Monday, 20 May 2013

What are the best communication solutions for multi-site businesses?

If you sometimes struggle to track down colleagues based on different sites or you find that you’re spending unnecessary time travelling between sites for short meetings about issues that could be better resolved in other ways, then VOIP telephony could be something that will help.

A business we’ve helped significantly in this way operates over 9 sites and there are key individuals who need to be accessible frequently wherever they are at any given time.

Having the benefit of a VOIP internet based phone integrated into your system means that calls can easily be diverted from landlines to mobiles and also be supported by email alerts and message details to speed up the response time to messages and urgent calls.

You don’t need to go the whole way in changing everything at once to experience the additional benefits of VOIP; your existing system can be enhanced by the addition of just one phone and bring massive differences to your business, which in time might mean you choose to convert the whole business in due course.

Utilising VOIP and data connections differently mean that video-conferencing becomes much more practicable, with much higher quality connections than ever before. (Of course you need to be sure of the data speeds you receive consistently support these services).

Reducing business travel as a result of improved online possibilities means you become more efficient, more effective, less tired, use less fuel and save more time. A real winner all round. Of course we’re not advocating totally eliminating face to face meetings, just encouraging a more judicious approach to the use of time in business hours for the overall benefit of the bottom-line.

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