Monday, 6 May 2013

Ever used your business telecoms systems to help you recruit more efficiently?

It might be a surprise, but your business communications systems can often bring many more tangible benefits than you might think!

When a busy firm of Accountants embarked on a recruitment process at a time of year that was especially busy for them, we showed them how their Merlin telephone system could streamline the initial candidate selection process.

Using the capability of the system to their best advantage, they conducted first stage candidate screening via a voice-recorded process. Using this functionality of the phone system enabled the candidates to initially present their skills over the phone.

Giving directions via a pre-recorded instruction, the candidates were asked specific questions and then given the opportunity to present themselves over the phone before an initial meeting – saving hours of valuable time.

This initial pre-screening was highly successful and efficient, and the clients were delighted with the scope and flexibility of their phone technology to improve their business operation in a really simple, effective way.

When considering a telecoms partner look for a supplier whose approach is to firstly understand your business so that they can provide the most appropriate and cost effective solutions for your business as it grows. Do not take everything at face value and ask searching questions about the products and proposals delivered.

We love helping people who are experiencing any kind of problem with their phone system – if you give us a call on 0800 877 8810 we’re here to help.

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