Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Look Before You Leap – 4G Fails to Deliver

Beware the hype about 4G if your talk-communication is mission critical. Recent reviews have shown that the technology is just not up to scratch or reliable when required to deliver essential talk-support.

As a measure, Emergency Services won’t touch it because the continuity and connectivity isn’t guaranteed 100%. Users requiring voice services are shunted over to a 3G service which isn’t up to the promised standard of the product you were encouraged to buy into!

It’s predicted that the technology won’t be fully capable to handle the demands of busy modern businesses until at least 2018. Beware!

To read the article in full go to: The Register - LTE won't go critical until 2018 at best

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Monday, 20 May 2013

What are the best communication solutions for multi-site businesses?

If you sometimes struggle to track down colleagues based on different sites or you find that you’re spending unnecessary time travelling between sites for short meetings about issues that could be better resolved in other ways, then VOIP telephony could be something that will help.

A business we’ve helped significantly in this way operates over 9 sites and there are key individuals who need to be accessible frequently wherever they are at any given time.

Having the benefit of a VOIP internet based phone integrated into your system means that calls can easily be diverted from landlines to mobiles and also be supported by email alerts and message details to speed up the response time to messages and urgent calls.

You don’t need to go the whole way in changing everything at once to experience the additional benefits of VOIP; your existing system can be enhanced by the addition of just one phone and bring massive differences to your business, which in time might mean you choose to convert the whole business in due course.

Utilising VOIP and data connections differently mean that video-conferencing becomes much more practicable, with much higher quality connections than ever before. (Of course you need to be sure of the data speeds you receive consistently support these services).

Reducing business travel as a result of improved online possibilities means you become more efficient, more effective, less tired, use less fuel and save more time. A real winner all round. Of course we’re not advocating totally eliminating face to face meetings, just encouraging a more judicious approach to the use of time in business hours for the overall benefit of the bottom-line.

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Monday, 13 May 2013

Do you have any idea how many calls your business is missing?

After a recent conversation with a client to evaluate commercial impact pre- and-post telecommunications system change from a traditional analogue landline to a cloud-based VOIP system, we showed that his business - a busy professional Practice – was missing around 25% of essential calls at a critical time of the day.

Using the Merlin VOIP Pro-iPBX system to the full means that data analysis is possible of all communication transactions – incoming and outgoing, internal and external – so it’s incredibly easy to monitor and establish where there are critical pinch-points in resource allocation, under-staffing, and where there might also be elements of team members not pulling their weight (?) which can also be identified in businesses which rely on a volume of sales calls being made.

By recognising missed incoming calls with the Merlin Pro-iPBX system, our client restructured his team and has now experienced a corresponding 25% increase in business.

It is difficult to tell how efficient your communications and business operations are without the scope to identify and evaluate activity with the appropriate software and supporting data systems.

A perfectly integrated hardware system and cloud based telephone system brings a new lease of life to businesses doing their best to grow and maximise efficiencies, meaning that you can access blue-chip features for a fraction of the cost.

VOIP has improved massively since the early days, as the integrity of internet connectivity has become much more robust, and those businesses which have chosen to switch are seeing benefits in many more ways than they expected. Not only are they making cost savings – preventing unnecessary loss of from the bottom-line, but they are seeing the benefits of business operational benefits which come from improved operational efficiency, better internal communication and less travelling time.

Is it time you explored this for your business? Whatever the size of company, there’s something to discover that will bring improvements.

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Monday, 6 May 2013

Ever used your business telecoms systems to help you recruit more efficiently?

It might be a surprise, but your business communications systems can often bring many more tangible benefits than you might think!

When a busy firm of Accountants embarked on a recruitment process at a time of year that was especially busy for them, we showed them how their Merlin telephone system could streamline the initial candidate selection process.

Using the capability of the system to their best advantage, they conducted first stage candidate screening via a voice-recorded process. Using this functionality of the phone system enabled the candidates to initially present their skills over the phone.

Giving directions via a pre-recorded instruction, the candidates were asked specific questions and then given the opportunity to present themselves over the phone before an initial meeting – saving hours of valuable time.

This initial pre-screening was highly successful and efficient, and the clients were delighted with the scope and flexibility of their phone technology to improve their business operation in a really simple, effective way.

When considering a telecoms partner look for a supplier whose approach is to firstly understand your business so that they can provide the most appropriate and cost effective solutions for your business as it grows. Do not take everything at face value and ask searching questions about the products and proposals delivered.

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