Friday, 21 September 2012

Using VoIP on your mobile phone: Can it Really Save You Money

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology makes the use of smart phones much more flexible and cheaper to run VoIP applications.

Using VoIP on a smart phone requires the use of a SIP client or app that can be downloaded and run on the handset giving you an added tool in your communications arsenal. You may not be aware of how easy it is to integrate VoIP technology onto your mobile phone giving you added benefits and advantages.

Many users of modern smart phone do not realise is that they can use their handsets as a wireless VoIP handset. VoIP software has been available on smart phones running the Android or Apple operating systems for some time.

A good example of the ease of setting up a VoIP connection is the recent Samsung Galaxy S III handset that actually includes the VoIP software required to make and receive calls from your PBX (phone system). So how can you set this up to reap the benefits?

Setting up your Android smart phone:
  • First open the settings option
  • Press the call button 
  • Scroll down until you see ‘internet call Settings’. 

Next click the ‘Accounts’ button:
  • Check the ‘Receive incoming calls’ radio button 
  • Click on Add account button 
  • Enter your user name
  • Enter your password 
  • Add the server address as specified by your provider
    • Keep in mind that some services may require additional details, which usually can be found in the ‘Optional settings’ section.
Rather than use the built-in VoIP accounts available on smart phone platforms you may want to download a VoIP client application such as Bria by Counterpath.

Setting up a VoIP client on your smart phone is much easier than it may seem. What you need to remember is that using your smartphone is a tool rather than an end to end solution. However once you start to use the VoIP/mobile mix for your communications you need to consider saving yourself costs. It may be worthwhile considering reducing your monthly tariff to a lower value one and making a combination of calls i.e. when in the office use the VoIP option and when away from the office use your mobile.

Making calls over a VoIP network are considerably cheaper than mobile networks.

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