Friday, 6 January 2012

VoIP Telephony in the Catering Industry

In the competitive world of the catering industry and with the current squeeze on margins, business owners are continually looking for options to streamline costs without sacrificing the quality and delivery of their services. Telephones are vital to the success of any restaurant, as they offer customers a direct line of communication to make bookings and for staff to contact customers and suppliers alike. By using VoIP telephony, restaurant owners can reduce their monthly phone expenditure while at the same time improve their communication capabilities.

For busy restaurants a VoIP telephone solution can be configured to direct enquiries regarding business hours, locations and bookings to certain phones, and other types of calls such as purchasing or account enquiries to other phones. By using call routing the customer facing phone(s) will only receive calls related to the taking of bookings, handling advanced orders and customer care. Using call routing helps to reduce the barrage of phone calls to the reservation phone, and can also help to reduce the noise levels and distractions for restaurant customers.

Multi-site restaurants can benefit from VoIP telephony systems because they include free calls between locations, free conference calling and the ability to switch inbound calls to different locations if needed free of charge. The flexibility of VoIP telephony makes it easier for managers at different locations to plan events and promotions together, go over stock requirements and even share ideas without running up large call charges.

For businesses operating at a national level, the ability to choose geographical numbers from anywhere in the UK means that a restaurant chain operating in several counties can have one centre to answer calls and by routing the different numbers to the same centre, restaurant owners can provide customer focussed services from a central location while maintaining a local feel.

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