Tuesday, 22 November 2011

uSwitch report reveals that broadband users experience connection speeds falls by over a third during period of highest demand.

According to uSwitch studies, during the peak period between 7pm and 9pm average download speeds are 6.2Mbps. That’s some 35 per cent slower than the fastest average connection speed of 9.6Mbps available between the hours of 2am and 3am when demand is at its lowest.

Internet users in Evesham Worcestershire, had the worst speed results with a massive 69 per cent drop in speed with the average morning speeds of 15.5Mbps recording 4.9Mbps in the evening.

Another area that showed large drops in speed is Weston-Super-Mare where peak-time speeds deteriorate by 64 per cent to 3.4Mbps. The average off-peak speed is around 9.5Mbps.

uSwitch.com expert Ernest Doku, said: “This research may help to shed some light on why many bewildered consumers, who believe they’ve signed up to a certain broadband speed, never actually feel like their connection is fast enough.

With the way that people now use the internet to watch TV, download and stream music, there is a greater demand on the network that impacts on everyone using it. A recent Ofcom report revealed that the average UK user is downloading over 17Gbs of data per month.

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