Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Moving house or moving offices - something to think about.

So you are looking at moving house. You have seen the ideal dream property, checked out the nearest schools for the kids making sure that they match your expectations and even taken into the account the drive in town.

The deal is done, solicitors engaged and the move in day arrives.

You have already swapped the telephone line over to you and the broadband is ready for activation as soon as you move in.

The move goes well and at the end of the day you collapse into a chair, a glass of wine to hand, and you think to yourself – I know I’ll update twitter and face book. Post a few pictures and catch up with everyone. I might even check some work emails as well.

The laptop connects to the router and then you wait and wait while the internet dribbles into the house.

Eventually you manage to do a speed test and you find the dream house you have purchased is either on an old exchange and you are right at the limit of the service.

Amusing NO! Particularly if you are going to be running your business from home or even need to work remotely at times. Suddenly the dream house turns sour.

Can this happen? – Yes. Does this happen? – Yes. Is there a solution? – Not very often.

The same happens with office relocations. You see the ideal building in a great location so you sign the lease and prepare to move in only to find that internet connectivity is poor and cannot be improved upon until the exchange is updated or another solution can be found.

So whenever you contemplate a move, be it residential or for business, check that the broadband services will meet your expectations and requirements. A quick check with Sam Knows will give you a good idea of what is available in terms of download and upload speeds.

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