Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Ofcom update: Ofcom bans rollover contracts

Our contribution to the OFCOM report on ACR's (Automatically Renewable Contracts).

As one of the few companies within the telecoms industry advocating 'no rolling contracts' (or long contracts for that matter) we are pleased that our contribution is reflected in the latest statement from OFCOM. We are of the firm belief that the provision of excellent service delivery at great prices does not come about because of long term or rolling agreements but happens when the contract is fair to both parties with customers being able to reward good businesses practice by keeping their business with them and swapping those that do not. By not providing a quality service both in terms of customer service and products will see those companies lose their business.

The banning of ACR's from the 31st of December is a win win for both quality suppliers of telecoms services and customers. 

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