Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Want to know what one of the biggest problems facing UK small businesses over the next few years will be?

Domestic broadband costs SME’s £751m in wasted time every month.

A staggering 70%* of SME’s across the UK are still relying on ‘domestic broadband’ rather than ‘business grade’ connectivity - and are counting the financial costs as a result

Not all broadband is equal.

Residential broadband services are not up to the challenges that will be facing businesses over the next few years. Residential networks are becoming more congested with traffic from video and gaming, while at the same time businesses are being encouraged to move more and more of their critical applications online with the march of “cloud based services”. This means that when problems arise, poor customer support from your supplier reflects badly on your business.

All of this is only going to become more important. From mobile working and email, to placing orders, from taking bookings to video conferencing or “plain old” word processing: the web is becoming the modern office space. And the costs associated with connectivity failures are going to become more and more apparent as web based working and technologies develop.

Therefore it becomes paramount that you ensure that you have the necessary broadband services in place to handle your business and that it gives you a quality of service that your customers will expect of you. When considering a supplier ensure that they have a scalable solid network in place and excellent CUSTOMER SERVICES not just customer service.

You have a stark choice. You can carry on with a broadband service which although it works for now may become unfit for purpose in the future and impact on your ability to carry out your business or move to products that will deliver real benefit and peace of mind to you.

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