Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Ofcom update: Ofcom publishes latest broadband speeds research

Ofcom today published its latest broadband speeds research which shows that the average broadband speed is now 6.2Mbit/s but is still less than half (45 per cent) of the average advertised broadband speed of 13.8Mbit/s.

In it's Executive summary Ofcom mentions that: In the last decade internet access speeds across the UK have increased as consumers have migrated from dial-up to broadband and ISPs have offered packages at higher advertised 'up to' speeds. The next phase of this evolution is now getting under way as operators invest in superfast broadband services. It is therefore becoming more important than ever for consumers to have reliable and accurate information on how different broadband services perform otherwise consumers may not be able to make an informed choice about which broadband service is most suitable for them.

Summary of average download speed by ISP package, November/December 2010 (multi-thread tests)

Source: SamKnows measurement data for all panel members with a connection in November/ December 2010
*Caution: Small sample size (<50)
** Results should be treated with some caution as normalisation may not be as effective for O2/Be due to the lower incidence of panellists with longer than average line lengths
Panel Base: 1081
Notes: (1) Only includes ADSL customers within 5km of the exchange and in Geographic Markets 2 and 3 ; (2) Includes on-net customers only for LLU operators (3) Data for ADSL operators have been weighted to ISP regional coverage of LLU lines and distance from exchange; data for Virgin Media's cable service have been weighted to regional coverage only; (4) Data collected from multi-thread download speed tests; (5) The range shown represents a 95% confidence interval around the mean

Ofcom also published its response to the Committee for Advertising Practice (CAP) and Broadcast Committee for Advertising Practice (BCAP) consultation on broadband advertising. Ofcom is recommending that if speeds are used in broadband advertising they should based on a Typical Speeds Range so that consumers have a clearer idea of what speeds to expect.

The full research can be found here: Broadband speeds November - December 2010

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