Wednesday, 23 March 2011

BT set to increase their call charges by 9%

BT has announced that from the end of April it will increase the charges that it makes for calls by a whopping 9% and by 30p the charge that it makes for standard line rentals.

BT will inform customers of the new charges by letter which follows the higher charges announced last October when they increased call charges by 10% and line rentals by 50p.

Customers on certain packages will not be affected by the new price rises.

What this means in real terms is that a 10 minute call will go up from 70p (7ppm) to 76p (7.6ppm).

BT has also announced that 75% of calls made on their networks are free as a result of people signing up to calling packages and that millions of people have signed up to their Unlimited Any Time Plans.

Without sounding cynical it just seems to be another way to get people to sign up to plans that they will be locked into for long periods of time, that they do not need and probably will not benefit from.

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