Thursday, 18 November 2010

Ofcom progresses plans for new wireless technology

Ofcom announced how a new form of wireless communication called “white space technology” will work in practice.

This follows an earlier consultation, exploring the potential of the technology, which could be used for a wide range of innovative applications. For example, technology manufacturers have suggested that it might wirelessly link up different devices and offer enhanced broadband access in rural areas.

The technology works by searching for unused radio waves called “white spaces” between TV channels to transmit and receive wireless signals. Compared with other forms of wireless technology, such as Bluetooth and WiFi, white-space devices are being designed to use lower frequencies that have traditionally been reserved for TV. Signals at these frequencies travel further and more easily through walls.

Today’s consultation sets out the processes needed to successfully launch the technology and how new devices will be made available to consumers without the need for a licence.

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