Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Reason to choose a hosted telephone system over a premises based telephone system

With the advances in broadband services available today such as businesses grade ADSL and SDSL the move to hosted telephone systems vs. premises based systems makes much more sense when you take the following factors into account.

  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) 
  • Minimum of IT support required even users can manage their own extensions via web based control panels 
  • An Operating Expense rather than a Capital Expense. 
  • Built in Business Continuity 
  • Flexibility to scale your business phone system as your business grows 
Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): 

By moving your telephone system from a premises based solution to a hosted telephone service you are able to start saving on monthly services fees from the outset. All that is required is the necessary infrastructure to be in place i.e. an ADSL or SDSL connection and IP enabled telephone handsets. With hosted telephone systems, you no longer require expensive systems to be installed into your offices. The savings that you will benefit from each month will come from the reduction of fixed lines into your business (that allows you make and receive calls). An 800Kbps upload speed with a business grade ADSL connection will allow you to make 8 concurrent calls. What this means is that for a monthly cost of around £36.00 you can have up to 8 concurrent calls at any time, to make the same number of calls with a traditional system would cost you around £106 per month an saving of £70 per month or £840 per year.

Additional savings to your business will come through by reduce call charges over traditional services. Typically local and national rate calls are charged £0.01ppm with calls to UK mobiles starting around £0.09ppm.

Minimum of IT support required even users can manage their own extensions via web based control panels:

Hosted telephony requires very little IT support for training or for system administration. The System Administrator can add new users quickly, delete existing users and enable additional features by using the simple web based control panel. This is a major benefit of a hosted telephony solution helping to reduce the overall day to day running and management costs..

An Operating Expense rather than a Capital Expense: 

When installing a traditional premises based telephone system there are considerable costs involved with the purchase of the telephony hardware. With hosted telephone solutions there is no requirement to purchase expensive hardware other than phones, therefore there are reduced capital expenditures to depreciate over time meaning that it comes off of your bottom line. As a business, all you have is one simple affordable monthly fee. You now have a system that connects your business and employees to a wealth of capabilities dramatically improving productivity.

Business Continuity: 

Access to your business is restricted due to burst pipes or a gas leak. Worse still due to fire damage your offices are inaccessible indefinitely (just a few examples of problems that could affect your business). If you have a premises based telephone system, contact with your clients will be severely restricted or impossible. If you have hosted telephone system in place your business would be able to carry on uninterrupted. This is because there is no physical system hardware situated in your offices as it is based in secure data centres. This means that customers can still contact your business because employees can work from anywhere. How is this possible? The web-based control panel allows you to quickly forward calls to mobiles or other phones in unaffected locations. It is an incredibly fast and easy way to take control of a disastrous situation and ensures that a major incident becomes easily manageable.

Flexibility to scale your business phone system as your business grows: 

By using hosted telephone systems in your company you will see that its flexibility and the ease with which it can be expanded gives your business the ability to grow without the constraints and problems that are associated with traditional premises based telephone systems. The reverse is also true as well. If trading conditions change and you need to alter your business model, you can quickly scale back your telephone system knowing that as soon as market conditions change again you can redeploy telephone extensions quickly thereby staying ahead of the game.

The ease of deployment associated with hosted telephone systems, means that if you decide to open a new office location, or need to provide communications facilities to remote staff, or just need to prepare for a spike in demand around holiday periods etc. then it is a simple task to quickly scale up operations without disruption to the remainder of your business.

With total flexibility, easy management and that it is quick to deploy means that a hosted telephone system is a decision with only an upside for your business.

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