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The UK Finally Embracing VoIP Online

16.08.2010 | Author: Michael Mclaren | Posted in VOIP

VoIP in the UK has started to take off just as it has all over the world. It is an amazing break through technology and is changing the face of telephone communications. According to a study conducted by research firm Harris Interactive, during the last nine months, the percentage of British adults who have heard of VoIP or already use it has increased from just a little over one-third (37 percent) to nearly half (46 percent.) A similar shift in awareness and use in the United States has been shown from 36 to 51 percent. The firm surveyed 1,089 U.S. adults aged 18 and over and 1,117 British adults aged 18 and over.

VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol” and many times it is referred to as “Internet Phone Service”. It is a way for British consumers to make and receive telephone calls using a high-speed Internet connection. The main reason why VoIP is becoming popular in the UK is cost; as VoIP is significantly less expensive than typical local and long distance telephone service offered by the phone companies. Most UK VoIP providers charge about £6.99 per month. Some providers also have an annual rate of £79.99; not bad for those consumers who are looking to save a pretty penny.

Early efforts at employing VoIP in the UK involved having to use a computer in order to use the service, known as PC to PC calling. While this is still popular today, VoIP services can now be used with regular telephone equipment so less technical people can enjoy the cost savings of VoIP. It works just like traditional phone service, so all that is needed is a phone jack; a phone adapter (provided by the VoIP Company) an existing phone (with the exception of a rotary phone), high-speed Internet and a monthly or annual subscription to a VoIP service provider.

Once connected and installed, VoIP works just like any other phone: all consumers have to do is pick up the phone and wait for the dial tone – dial a phone number – wait for the person to answer – and start a conversation. In most cases the person on the other end won’t even know that you are using VoIP; the quality is that excellent.

Some of the tangible benefits of using VoIP include: unlimited UK local & national calls, a UK phone number with your choice of area dialing code, a free second phone line; as well as free features like voicemail, caller ID, distinctive ringing, three-way calling, call forwarding, do not disturb and many more.

Another advantage of using VoIP is that it is portable. For example, let’s assume that you have to go on a business trip to China. Simply pack up your phone adapter, (power supply & cables) and your touch tone phone. When you arrive at your hotel in Beijing, set up your phone adaptor and phone just as you had installed it at home. You can then make and receive telephone calls as if you were sitting down in your living room back in the UK. It’s that easy.

Cost savings, free features, portability – VoIP is the emerging technology at the root of all these trends, and British consumers should expect to see a lot more news about VoIP in the UK in the coming months and years.


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