Thursday, 3 June 2010

14 ways you could use a virtual switchboard without paying a fortune

14 ways you could use a virtual switchboard
  • Make your business appear larger than it is. When a caller calls say you have a sales, finance and customer service department using IVR (interactive voice response) 
  • Use intelligent routing to direct calls to the relevant departments, saving on the costs of a receptionist 
  • Measure and test against advertising campaigns. Use different numbers non geographic and geographic in different adverting campaignsyour number is re-rerouted at the click of a mouse
  • Prevent future hassles if moving office, your number is re-pointed at the click of a mouse 
  • Make use of remote workers but let your customer think you are all in the same place 
  • Had a bright idea – leave yourself a voice-mail from your mobile when on the road 
  • Have a consistent voice message which is on brand for all your customers 
  • If you have a restaurant, save staff time by recording your the menus to the switchboard 
  • Stop customer ‘on hold’ frustration while the receptionist speaks to someone else. Play them a meaage that keeps them engaged. 
  • Automate appointment bookings, for example doctor surgeries or trade quotation requests 
  • Dictate a voicemail to your secretary and have it ready and typed when you arrive in the office 
  • Provide a ’secret option’ for priority customers to reach you 
  • Never miss an order or booking
  • Keep it simple 
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