Friday, 14 May 2010

What are the savings to be made using VoIP?

A question that is often asked about VoIP - What are the savings to be made using VoIP?

The answer to this is simply that it is such a broad subject, and one that keeps growing as the VoIP market develops, that it depends upon use . At one level savings can be based on increased productivity improvements, although many of these are hard to measure. Those tangible improvements that can be measured for examples improved customer satisfaction ratings resulting from better problem resolution and increased sales volumes because sales people are able to make more calls a week.

Savings have more to do with the efficiencies gained by using VoIP. VoIP PBX’s often provide added value features, making for more productive communications. These include services such as cll routing, follow me, voicemail, call recording and conferencing services. VoIP products also enable presence management, facilitating improved real time communications, an added benefit when initiating ad hoc meetings with staff.

As VoIP products require a broadband connection it means staff can use it in more places, making it easier to stay connected with others, especially when out of the office. As we move towards a greener working environment and with mobility and remote working growing in importance, the benefits and savings to be had using VoIP products are becoming easier for businesses to understand.

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