Monday, 2 July 2018

4 Things to think about before choosing your telephone headset

Ok, so the big decision has been made to buy a telephone headset. 

So just a few considerations before you get going:-

1.  Do you need monaural or binaural? 

If you are working in a noisy environment, it may be far better to have both of your ears in tune with the call, so choose a binaural headset.  However, if you also need to be aware of what is going on around you and possibly interact with your colleagues whilst wearing the headset, then go for a monaural set.

2.  Do you need a wireless or wired headset?

In our previous blog, we spoke about the massive benefits a wireless headset provides.  You obviously have greater mobility and you can move away from your desk to get access to files and papers and speak to colleagues if necessary, whilst on the call.  You can also pick up calls whilst you are away from your handset, which will cut down on missed calls.  Also you can stretch your legs whilst chatting to avoid sitting down for hours at a time.  Wireless headsets have a good battery life and ranges of up to 60 - 80 feet. 

However if you are predominantly desk bound and taking call after call and need to have access to your computer for making up notes then a wired headset is probably the better and cheaper option.

3.  What sort of style do I like?

You can chose from a headband over the head, over your ear or a band behind the head, the choice is yours!  Most headsets come with a headband and earpiece so you can try them out to see what is the most comfortable.

4.  Do you work in a noisy workplace?

I'm sure we've all made that call where you can hardly hear the person you are speaking too because the background noise is so high!  Call centres are notorious and often you can distinguish what the background  voices are saying!  Not great for data protection.  So a "noise cancelling" headset may be your best bet.

Well, just a few pointers to help you decide what type and style to go for.  

The Merlin Team

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Why wireless headsets are a massive win-win device for your office!

If you and your colleagues are not using a wireless headset, then read on.
Image courtesy of Imagerymajestic

It's been proven that using a headset can not only boost productivity, but assist in the decrease of painful symptoms in the neck, back and shoulders and reduce symptoms associated with sitting for excessive periods. 

With prices starting from £100 upwards, these clever pieces of kit allow you far more freedom to write notes and basically use your computer whilst talking on the phone.

You can walk around the office to locate files and documents in a nearby cabinet (moving up to 250 - 300m) away from your desk and even take a call whilst you are away from your actual phone.

Since the co-commissioning of research by Public Health England, we are becoming more aware of the link between certain diseases and prolonged sitting.  Most office workers spending 65 - 75% of their working day sitting and research shows those that sit the longest could be twice as likely to develop type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  A wireless headset will therefore allow you to roam away from your desk, stretch your legs and get the circulation going! 

Headsets have improved tremendously in terms of sound quality and overall clarity.  With the option of monaural or binaural headbands, you can chose to cover both ears so that you can block out any surrounding sound and truly concentrate on your caller. 

Many receptionists who we work with, say a wireless headset has literally changed their working day.  They are no longer chained to the desk and if they need to go and find someone or some paperwork whilst on a call they are free to do so. 

So, improved health, multitasking and no more tangled curly cords.  What's not to like?

If you would like to find out more about which headset would suit you best, just give Merlin a call on 08008778810.

The Merlin Team

Friday, 22 June 2018

Call Me Now! Creating Conversation

Just read a really thought provoking article by Allen Gannett following an experiment he conducted a while ago.

Basically he wanted to test whether actually picking up the phone and speaking to someone was better than blatting out a text or email.

The results are not surprising.

How many times have you read and re-read a text and decided it was unfriendly or aggresive even, when in actual fact, having had a conversation with the sender, it was simply you misenterpreting the language because there was no "tone" of voice?

With a laden inbox of emails, it's become an art form just managing them and keeping abreast of what is important and oh, so easy to miss that vital message.

Sure, you need certain information in writing, but Allen proved actually picking up the phone to colleagues and customers was far more productive and led to better relationships with people on the whole.

As a telecommunications company,  we certainly uphold vocal communications - so just pick the phone up to boost productivity and express yourself!

For full article

The Merlin Team

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Another Cyber Attack! Dixons Carphone plc - 5.9m credit card details lost!!

You would have thought  that following a major data breach in 2015 and being fined a massive £400,000 by the ICO, Dixons Carphone plc would have learnt their lesson.

But no.  Another cyber-attack involving 5.9 million credit card records  and 1.2 million customer records lost.

The loss of data would appear to be even greater on this occasion, so pretty sure the ICO will throw the book at them this time.

Previous issues discovered:-

  • No antivirus software on their servers
  • They all shared the same administrator password - known to 30-40 staff
  • The websites (running on WordPress) had not been patched for some 6 years and
  • No Web Application Firewall (WAF) installed.
  • Encryption keys for the databases were stored in plaintext!
So let this be a salutory lesson to everyone  - make sure all your systems are up to date and get yourselves some really good antivirus across all devices in your company.

If you need any advice regarding a superior and award winning antivirus product, please give us a call 08008778810

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The Merlin Team